Saturday, June 30, 2012

Medicor Clinic: Second Visit

Medicor Visit, part two.

We arrived about a half hour early for our second appointment. We left lots of time, because of the shortage of parking around the building and the possibility of a traffic back up on Highway 401.  The clinic is just a block or so, north of 401, on the corner of Franklin and Yonge Streets.  Keep your eye peeled for a curb side parking space along Franklin, beside the clinic. You have an hour of free parking there.  There is an underground parking garage beneath the building but it is for permit holders and not for the public. Parking can be problematic.

We met with Dr. Doug Andrews (N.D). Doug is a well spoken youthful man, with a good insight into diet and supplements. He suggested that I tweak my protocol a bit. (See the right side column).

He is a good listener, empathetic and most encouraging.  When I told him that my diet was joyless and dull he told me that its ok to step outside its perimeters and cheat occasionally - just don't make it a daily practice.

He went on to explain how DCA turns off the energy switch in tumours.  It literally starves them to the point that they eventually shut down.  He suggested that I stop taking maple syrup with my baking soda.  The muscadine grape supplements I was taking looked fine to him. And, for those with an interest in my personal protocol, the muscadine grapeseed supplement attacks and reduces the network of small feeding blood veins that provide tumours with their life support. And, it alters the DNA identity of the cells it produces.  So...when I combine that with the DNA which deprives the tumours of their glycemic needs - its a double strangle hold, effect.

Doug said that from his experience, people who attack cancer with a vegetarian diet and juicing and keeping an alkyline host body travel through the healing process faster. But - its important to note that some people, are healed by DCA - while not following a natural health protocol such as I do. And, some people who follow it carefully and take DCA, are not successful and they still succumb to the disease.

Doug asked me to open my mouth so he could look inside. I puzzled over why he should make such a request, and it later occurred to me that he was likely looking to see if I had mercury dental fillings. Doug also suggested that I select copper free calcium and liquid vitamin D and to take 1 ml daily.

The total cost of my visit to see Doug and to buy the fermented wheat germ was a little over $400.

If you are interested in attending the Medicor clinic and  have questions which you would like to have answered from a patients perspective you may write me by clicking here. But, from my experience, don't hesitate to call the clinic to speak to Silvana, their receptionist.  They're there to help.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ruth Used Every Resource at her Fingertips and she Beat Death

Do you remember the you tube video of Ruthie?  Ruth was fighting for her life against both her disease and the medical establishment, to take her plea for help seriously.  So, in the midst of her frustration she created her own You Tube video.

I checked the video and discovered that it only had a little over 400 viewers.  But, listen. There is always hope.  One of the viewers was John Monson, an English doctor who was working in the States.  He saw the video and he offered his services to operate on Ruth.
It is highly unlikely that either Dr. Monson or Ruth will ever read these words. But, explored all your options, and came out a winner. You are alive. And, Dr. John Monson, you are a caring and a compassionate man - a credit to your profession. Blessed are the patients who count you as their doctor.

To read Ruth's amazing story, please click here.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Visit to the Medicor Clinic

I had my first visit with Dr. Akbar Khan yesterday in North York's  Medicor Clinic.

Dr. Khan welcomed  my wife and I into his office, and he spent a few minutes going through the various forms I filled out in advance.

The forms listed such things as allergies, supplements I had been taking, past medical records, and my personal history with cancer.

DCA has a few side effects. There is a fuzzy brain syndrome for some and for others there is tingling in nerve endings in fingers.  In my mind, it seemed that if it works, its a small price to pay for life.

DCA has a few side effects. There is a fuzzy brain syndrome for some and for others there is tingling in nerve endings in fingers.  In my mind, it seemed that if it works, its a small price to pay for life.

He explained how DCA works, |triggering natural cell death (called apoptosis) in cancer cells. Normally apoptosis is shut off in cancer, hence the non-stop growth. It also interferes with glucose metabolism in the cancer cells, but not the healthy cells in the body.

Dr. Khan went on to explain that DCA has also been the study of a number of studies after its initial testing at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Khan is no doubt a pioneer in using this approach - in N. America, and possibly throughout the world. There are a few doctors in the States, he said, who unceremoniously slip DCA to needy patients under the table. But, taking all that aside his Medicor Clinic is the only one of its type.

He shares the office complex with Doug Andrews, a naturopathic doctor.   It was interesting, when we talked for a few minutes about naturopathy,  Khan said that he was the first to admit that he had reservations about naturopaths being " real doctors", but he has quickly changed his opinion when he realized the depth of their education (4 years at the college level)

I was impressed by the whole experience.  The clinic occupies three offices in an attractive, new building in North York, Ontario, just north of highway 401 in the city of North York.   And,  Dr. Khan is a well spoken, pleasant middle aged doctor who was encouraging and respectful in manner.

The DCA is expensive, but I didn't have to mortgage my house. ($175 per bottle which would last a couple of weeks). And the protocol, in the beginning is a two week on - one week off issue.

As we drove home my wife asked me if I am optimistic.  I didn't tell her that I didn't think Reishi which had a 40% success rate worked for me.  I responded by telling her that  I was at least, "hopeful".  Isn't that what its all about?

Dr. Khan said to me, that it appears that my tumours were slow growing.  I thought..."Right...they had a better be...I have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at them...from having an alkyline  host body to becoming vegan and to taking a lot of supplements.

Anyway...I will keep you informed. While I am not cynical nor skeptical of its results, I am also realistic that tests after about 8 months of taking reishi didn't reveal any noticeable changes in my situation. But..who knows?  When you swim over your head in fast turbulent water you never know where the rocks are hidden and where your journey will take you. You can only hope.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Studies Reveal That Many Cancer Studies are Fraudulent

This blog entry was submitted from a reader in Quebec and was published in French and transcribed by Google's Translation service back into English.  Fighting Back has not created this article. Its recycled from The Rapid Sheep blog.

Fraudulent Cancer Studies
June 12, 2012 Posted by benji in Medical and Food

Should we see a glimmer of hope or should we worry? Cancer can be cured, we have already talked about this on the blog, unfortunately not with the weapons that the medical establishment is willing to give you! And what follows is even more alarming even if it does even more qu'enfoncer the nail. Studies that may not be reproduced, drugs that cause tumors to be treated, a hypocritical oath sworn in the name of money! Fortunately, there are alternatives, one of the technique was developed by a professor who worked at the Pasteur Institute, it will be later in the article ...

Two studies have been published very disturbing: The first, published in the journal Nature, indicates that a large majority of cancer studies are inaccurate and potentially fraudulent.

Of particular concern to researchers is that they happen only rarely replicate the results of major studies "reference". Among 53 major studies on cancer, yet published in scientific journals of high-level, 47 have never been reproduced with similar results.

This is not a novelty too, since, in 2009, researchers at the University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center have also published findings as what many famous studies on cancer are in fact biased in favor of industry Pharmaceutical (study published in the journal CANCER online).

Drugs against cancer causing metastasis.
More worrying perhaps, researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA), found that two drugs used in chemotherapy cause the development of new tumors, and not the other way!

It is these new drugs, which block the blood vessels that "feed" the tumor. Experts call the treatment "anti-angiogenesis".
These drugs, Gleevec and Sutent (active, imatinib and sunitinib), have demonstrated an effect in reducing tumor size.
But in doing so, they destroy small cells so far little studied, pericytes, which keep under control the tumor growth.

Released from pericytes, the tumor was much easier to expand and "metastasize" to other organs. Harvard researchers now believe therefore that although the primary tumor volume decreased by these drugs, cancer is also much more dangerous for patients!

Raghu Kalluri Professor, who has published these findings in the journal Cancer Cell, said:
"  If you do not take into account that the growth of the tumor, the results were good. But if you step back and look at all, inhibit blood vessels of the tumor does not contain cancer progression. In fact, the cancer spreads.  "

Source image:
Sylvie Simon

Two examples of doctors who fought effectively against cancer and not one as mentioned above (this is double-cool hearts effect ;)), let the teacher Moulinier that advocates for alternatives and freedom of choice for patients for therapeutic use because if the cancer is treatable, it is imposed through protocols and validated, but are they most effective? If we look at Professor Beljanski cited below, the cure rate could be 100% cured but not yielding as much as to heal over time ...

Please click here to view the article in The Rabid Sheep blog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Five Cancer Fighting Spices

I begin each day with a spice cocktail.  A couple of big pinches of ginger, tumeric and cumin and a healthy sprinkle of cayenne. Add an ounce of water, stir for 30 seconds, open the hatch and close your eyes.
Does it work.  It sure doesn't hurt to try.  Internet is loaded with websites which extol the cancer fighting virtues of these spices.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What Gives in the Medical Profession???

One of Toronto's biggest hospitals booked me in for a biopsy. Get this. The instructions said....No drugs, no meds, no aspirin, no warfarin, no herbal supplements for 2 weeks.


Do I read this right?  No herbal supplements?

I have had a doctor give me a 5 minute rant on alternative cancer treatment.
I had a family doctor tell me flat out.."Don't even tell me about natural cures...I don't believe it and don't want to hear about it."

I had  another doctor say..."Stay clear of homeopathic stuff.......its a fraud."

Now, I can see why they would want people not to take natural blood thinners such as Pau D'arco, or even muscadine grape extract for they do thin the blood. And, the last thing you  need is to experience unexpected, uncontrolled bleeding during a medical procedure.

But if I was told to stop taking healthy herbal supplements which I do to strengthen my attack, its interesting that that I was not told to avoid drinking buckets of coke, or eating all the sugar, ice cream,  dill pickles and moldy cheese, coffee, or alcoholic beverages.  Why was it a one way street?

The website has this message:
Stop taking herbal supplements. Various herbal supplements may affect the tissue samples from your prostate gland. To avoid unexpected anomalies, prepare your body for the cancer biopsy by discontinuing consumption of herbal supplements seven days prior to the procedure.  Please click here. 

If herbal supplements skewer tissue sample biopsies, then does this not mean, that they are impacting and infiltrating tumours? Does this not mean - there is some evidence of them possibly, working?

We are in an age when the Ontario medical profession has a simple creed for fighting cancer. Fry it, cut it out or poison it.

Am I cynical  - you bet.  My brother is a truck driver and a friend of his had a job every Christmas season of delivering expensive gifts to doctor's homes - from  pharmaceutical companies. Go ahead. Read those words again. He delivered, expensive gifts to doctors homes, from pharmaceutical companies.  Does it tell you whose pocket they were in - and likely are in now?

Its time that our the Ontario medical profession set aside their own self interests and look at the interests of their patients and what they can use from - whatever source - to heal.