Saturday, March 10, 2012

Edgar Cayce on Almonds

Every year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world become interested in the life work of one ordinary man. He was an average individual in most respects: a loving husband, a father of two children, a skilled photographer, a devoted Sunday School teacher, and an eager gardener. Yet, throughout his life, he also displayed one of the most remarkable psychic talents of all time. His name was Edgar Cayce.

For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space. From this state he could respond to questions as diverse as, "What are the secrets of the universe?" to "How can I remove a wart?" His responses to these questions came to be called "readings" and contain insights so valuable that even to this day individuals have found practical help for everything from maintaining a well-balanced diet and improving human relationships to overcoming life-threatening illnesses and experiencing a closer walk with God.

extracted from: Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment). Please click here.

Almonds in Cayce's Readings Compared to Current Medical Research
I lifted this posting from the 'Healing Cancer Naturally' website, and the top section from the Edgar Cayce A.R.E, website. May they forgive me for my sins.

Pertinent Extracts Relating to the Healing of Cancer Naturally. Article by Dougas G. Richards @ 2001 Meridian Institute.

Mentions of Almonds in the Cayce readings fall into several categories 1. General Source of Nutrition  2. Sources of fats in low or no meat diets   3. As cancer tumor/preventatives 4 as a skin lotion/therapy  5 As a spiritual symbol. The use of almonds as a source of fats was commonly found in low or no meat diets, recommended as a cancer preventative or part of a cancer cure.

Nutrional Properties of Almonds:
Cayce makes occasional references to specific nutrional properties of Almonds.(e.g. 1861-10). In one reading he says; "The almond carries more phosphorus and Iron in combination, easily assimilated than any other nut. (1131-2) Almonds were also recommended to a pregnant woman as a substitute for milk as a source of calcium (480-46) and to a woman with lymph and uterine tumors as a source of calcium (1140-2).In reading 659-1, a general reading on the vitamin Biotin and remarks that it is most useful as a cancer preventative. Cayce most commonly identifiies almonds as a good source of fats/oil for people on a meatless diet. Recommended for cancer (4438-1, 3515-1,1012-1,1000-11,967-2, 787-1.)


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