Thursday, December 13, 2012

My body's resistence to copper reduction therapy - and what I did about it.

If you're serious about fighting your tumours, I have a story to tell you.

About 4 months ago, I learned of the drug tetrathiomolybdate, which is popularly nicknamed TM.
And since learning about it, I learned that copper plays a significant role in the life of tumours.

It has to do with something called angiogenesis.  Tumours take on a life of their own and they like to grow.

I have focused in the past on the importance of maintaining your body as an alkyline host.
The thinking goes that cancer can't live in an alkyline environment.

I've also focused on the glucose appetite of tumours. Its important - not to feed your tumours, sugar.  That means being a stingy host and  avoiding feeding them glucose as found in  such things as sugar in coffee,  deserts, and alcohol.

I followed those strategies, not knowing that copper was also another concern.

Look at it like this. Copper plays an important role in angiogenesis - facilitating the development of veins within and surrounding  tumours, to deliver their bloody meals.

Now, if you are a serious about implementing a control strategy to keep tumour growth in check,
then I want you to read about something I did that was risky and I didn't realize it.

I have been eating millet because its alkaline. I was having it as a breakfast cereal and I was eating it as a rice substitute. And I have been eating lots of nuts - almonds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, because as a vegan determined to avoid meats - I was eating these as a source of protein.

Check this out.

Copper content of some significant items in my diet.
Millet,                                     cooked  14%
Quinoa                                    cooked    18%

wild rice, cooked,                      10%
sweet potato, steamed 1%, baked without salt 16%
almonds, blanched                    85% unblanched and raw 112%

sunflower seeds unsalted,          123%
macadamia nuts raw and unsalted 51%
Walnuts black. dried                   85%

source. nutrtional value.self. Please click here.

I found myself eating a lot of nuts, to increase my protein level, since I was not eating meat. But, I was, unwittingly increasing my supply of copper, which was fasciltating the growth of my tumours and is supporting blood vascular (blood vessel) networks.

I have tried a variety of effective natural responses to overcome cancer but was not only unsuccessful, but my tumours kept growing - allbeit slowly. I noticed that my urea count in blood tests was low, and a doctor in training told me that it reflected my protein level.  So, I turned to nuts and ate a handful or two each day.

It stands to reason that I was increasing my body copper level - and copper has a tendency to gather in tumours. I was taking naturopathic treatments and the practioner told me that he didn't understand why my tumours weren't shrinking.  He has lots of clients whose tumours do shrink and they are not vegans.  The pieces weren't fitting together.

I believe that as my copper level increased so did my degree of angiogenesis. My tumours began creating an extended system of blood vessels to support their existence. And, as they expanded their network of food bearing blood vessels - they began growing a lot faster.  So I was caught in a vicious circle.

It's important for you to know that I have no medical training or education. . I am not a doctor. I have not taken a single science course at a graduate level.  So what you are reading is sheer speculation.

When I was taking TM, I had a couple of weeks with  predictable drops in my ceruloplasim (copper) reading. Following that, the decline slowed.  Dr. Kahn said, "In some people, their copper in tumours, hangs on".  So, he increased my dosage to 8 per day. (40 mg. ea.)  Fortunately, the decline continued - but it wasn't as dramatic as it was at first.

My ceruloplasim readings were 314,209, 198, 147 and finally 96. (American readers divide those numbers by ten).

My decline from 198 came after my dosage was increased to 8, from 6.

Dr Kahn, in his literature wrote that Ceruplasim counts do not drop for 1/3 of those who take tm.

Another item of interest if you should be considering the tm treatment and are into naturopathic treatment.  My body and tumours were stubbornly hanging onto their copper levels.  I told Dr. Kahn about me taking bee pollen and he suggested that I lay ofif it for a while.  My cerulplasim count has dropped to about the mid 80's. A suitable level for treatment.  He told me that another patient had trouble with her copper levels falling so he asked her specifically if she was on bee pollen and she reported affirmatively.."yes!"...and Royal Jelly too.  But, in her case, her ceruoplasim count didn't take an effective drop until she also stopped taking bee products.

My suspicion is, that my tumours grew when I increased my copper levels through consuming a lot more more almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

The hesitation of my body in releasing copper was not good .Dr. Kahn has been looking for a reading of about 100. So, when he increased my dosage about 3 weeks went by before I discovered that I was taking in a lot of copper by eating copper rich nuts. Needless to say that, once I discovered this, I took serious control of the amount of copper I was consuming.  And, to my delight - my ceruloplasim number didn't stop in its continued. Not by massive drops but significant enough to provide me with great encouragement.

I write all this - for anyone going down the same road as I have been taking and in particular, anyone with showing a ceruloplasim resistance to TM copper reduction therapy.


  1. Copper mineral is specially known for killing the micro organisms and it clean the lymphatic system. Copper supplement boosts the immune system and treats the inflammatory diseases.

  2. A good point Jackson. It goes to show how one hand a mineral can be beneficial if you are healthy, but on the other hand how it can play against you if you have cancer. Thanks for the illumination.
    It's appreciated. The important thing to note is that the body needs some copper. Its a matter of how much.


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