Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dumb Things People Say to you When you have Cancer

You can beat cancer if you have the right attitude.  This one is almost a mantra.  Everyone with
cancer hears it.  One question...does it mean that, if you die of it, you failed to make a character or personality adjustment. That being so..if you die of cancer...are you responsible fory our own death because of some sort of flaw in your character? What a guilt trip if you buy into it.

 But, its not a comment entirely without foundation.  It is most important not to despair.
 For me, this is where my deep faith in God enters the equation. I submit to God's loving protection
and for him to shield me within the strength of his big loving arms.

 I commit myself to not sinking into depression and the big black pit.  That is a really dangerous               place to go. This is where my attitude really swings into play.  I don't walk around with a happy smile on my face when I don't feel  happy......but I sure don't chose to crawl into the black pit of depression or engage in pity parties. I hope that you, dear reader, don't see my blog as an exercise in self pity.
Its not about "look how I have suffered". The purpose of the blog is to teach, instruct, guide and help others who are walking in my footsteps.

That being said, whenever I find my mental outlook slipping down the wet muddy hill I reach out and grab anything I can to stop the slide.  Each one of the encouraging videos on the page above this posting and below the heading picture has given me encouragement.

Develop your strategies to keep yourself from sinking into despair. Prayer, meditation, good music, inspirational readings or messages, or the repitition of certain habits or pleasing actions are good.
Take a slow, morning walk and take your camera with you. Record what you see.  Find a cancer chatroom - my experience has been that there are always people on there who enjoy helping and encouraging fellow journeyers who are the pit.

Yes - attitude is important, and it may mean simply - chosing to maintain a healthy mental balance or interpreting your life in such a way that despair won't take you down.
Comments welcome.

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