Monday, November 26, 2012

Is the Common Grapefruit my Cancer Enemy?

A recent article, published in the Toronto Star, (see link below) pointed to the potential risk for some people with cancer, consuming the common grapefruit on a daily basis. This article hit me between the eyes. I had some serious blood issues when I had chemotherapy about 6 years ago.

When I read this comment in the Toronto Star article, I was stunned. People who consume grapefruit on a daily basis, as I have for my morning breakfast run a serious risk. A quote from the article reads:

"Others health impacts include acute kidney failure, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, bone marrow suppression in people with damaged immune systems and renal toxicity."

 This study appeared in the Canadian medical journal and was conducted by the Lawson Health Research Institute of London, Ont.

I keep very close track of my blood test results - and I have a lot of tests done. Right now, on a weekly basis.  My lymphocyte number has been consistently below normal.  Lymphocytes produce T cells which I call tiger cells for they have an avaracious appetite for attacking cancer cells.

Could it be that I have been unwittingly suppressing my own natural ability to fight this illness?  The word "suppress" is loaded with hope. Suppress does not mean, permanent damage.

To visit the Lawson Institute's Heatlh Research Site's cancer page , please click here

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