Friday, November 9, 2012

Enterade r - Where Were You When I Needed You?

Five years ago, when I was taking chemotherapy, I was warned -" be sure to keep hydrated".  But, even though I had been warned, nobody explained to me what the process of dehydration would be like so I didn't know what to expect when it happened.

My wife was in British Columbia, and I was alone in the house.  Day by day by day, I became progressively weaker.   And I began having a symptom that was common to many people  having chemo.  Food began to taste like a blend of excrement and chemical.  I knew that it was important to eat - so I would prepare a meal for myself (albeit a very small one), and would try to eat it.

Forgive me for being graphic, but there is no false modesty when you have cancer.

Each time I would try to eat, I would be overcome with enormous revulsion for food. I would feel physically ill.  I would try to eat and would feel - nauseous. My stomach would churn.  I would think of my loved wife and daughters sitting beside me saying..."Come on dad. Take this for me." Then I would gag and swallow.  

Needless to say...I wasn't eating much.

But here's where information comes into the story.  I had never been  told, that there is a correlation  between solid food and hydration. Because I was having little solid food in my body - liquids weren't being retained in my intestines. Liquids were just giving me the high five as they passed through.  There was no gradual absorption into my system.

My wife became concerned for as time passed, I became progressively weaker.  I hardly had the strength to talk.  She would phone and I could hardly muster the energy to whisper.

She called friends, and my brother.  After my brother came, I collapsed and broke a small table on my descent to the floor.  I crawled across the room and pulled myself onto the futon. The public health nurse came and an ambulance was called.

Within hours, I felt like a new person. I was given a saline solution and renewed energy and vitality flowed back into my body.

The point of this article, is that it was all this suffering was so needless. If I had of had, Enterade r which is produced by Enterade USA LLC., there would have been no family worry, or fear and I wouldn't have been hung out to dry, holding on to life by my fingertips.

In conclusion, I suggest that if you are going through radiation or chemotherapy you click on this link and check out Enterade.  It appears to hold a lot of promise to those who risk going through what I experienced.

To visit the Enterade site, please click here.

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  1. Im so excited by this product and cant wait for the world to realise its value!


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